Vacation in Kornati Archipelago

Unexplored possibilities of Kornati islands

Odmor na Kornatima

Kornati Islands were formed at the end of the Ice Age when the sea level covered the fields and the uplands became islands. The number of islands in Kornati archipelago (in total 150 islands, islets and rocks) makes it the thickest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea...

The size of aquatorium with these Adriatic pearls is ca. 320 square kilometres. The largest of islands the archipelago is Kornat or Kurnat, as its owners call it, after which the aquatorium was named Kurnati (Kurnats). Kurnats are further on divided in Gornji Kurnat (Upper Kurnat) consisting of islands Žut and Sita, and Donji Kurnat (Lower Kurnat) consisting of the island Kornat as the largest in the group with islands Levranka, Piškera, Lavsa and Kurba.

A so called «Robinson tourism» blossomed eruptively upon proclamation of Kornati archipelago part into National Park back in 1980. At the same time, restaurants on the islands opened their doors to the satisfaction of yachtsmen who also dashed on to this newly discovered nautical paradise. Yesterday’s fishermen, olive and wine farmers turned to more profitable and safer businesses – hospitality and tourism. However, it all lasts for a couple of months, during July and August. And what happens during the rest of the year? What happens when jugo (sirocco) starts blowing and the tide rises above the waterfront? Or when the rainy season comes and the summer hustle disappears? Do Kornati cease to be Kornati then? No! That is the time when the real and original life on them actually begins. It is the time of olive ripening!

Odmor na Kornatima

Everyone who wants to learn about the real life on Kornati islands should come visit the islands before July or after August. The best time would be during the olive «picking» period (harvest period in November, December) or in period of shearing (May, June). These are the two of possibilities offered by Jarušica Ltd. within its unique programme – a traditional Kornati vacation.
Another possibility offered is life aboard and participation in a multi-day fishing event. A traditional wooden boat fully equipped (toilet, shower, hot water…) will be your home and each bay you wish to see - your safe shelter.
Squid fishing from the boat with so called «peškafondo» (hook), throwing and lifting the fishing nets, «sinking» the kiddles and traw lines... You will anxiously wait to see every inch of the net you are lifting. What is your fisherman’s luck today?! Life on the boat means cooking without painstaking visit to the market place. Everything you catch can be your lunch. One thing is certain – you have never dined such a fresh and delicious meal in your entire life…

Odmor na Kornatima

One of the possibilities is «life with a local family in Kornati» and accommodation in a traditional house. The estate owner carries out this programme, intended as a complete integration of the guests in farmers' and fishermen everyday life. Guests participate in fishing, farming, and sheep herding, cooking and everyday life with their host until they return to Murter.

Whoever wants to really learn about the other side of life on Kornati islands, showing the stillness of time here, in a rough and wild yet cultivated and arranged according to the high natural basics standards environment, will surely choose to come here in preseason and post season period…

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